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Sending events

After installing SDK, you can send application user action events to Finteza. To do this, use the event method specifying the string name of the event:


Set the event name in {EVENT}. If you use a prefix with an application name, it is added to all sent events.

Call this function after any necessary event in the application, like moving to a section, pressing a button, filling in the form, etc.

The maximum acceptable length of an event name including a prefix is 128 characters.

Additional data in the event parameters #

In events sent to Finteza, you can specify additional data as parameters, for example, a type of a purchased good, price, currency, etc.

Finteza.event("{EVENT}", id: "{ID}", units: "{UNITS}", value: "{VALUE}")

Set the event name in {EVENT}. The following parameters are specified next:






Random ID. The maximum length is 64 symbols. To avoid using the ID, specify null.



Parameter measurement units, for example, USD, items, etc. The maximum length is 32 symbols.



The value of the parameter. The maximum length is 64 symbols.


Finteza.event("Book Load", id: "CATEGORY_ID", units: "BOOKS", value: "BOOK_ID")
Finteza.event("First Book Open", id: null, units: "Count", value: String(42))

Complex event accounting models for in-app purchases and e-Commerce will be added in the future.

Disabling event tracking #

To temporarily disable event registration inside the application, use the Finteza.setTracking method with the false value.


After that, all further events registered via the event function (including the ones with the parameters) will be ignored and not sent to Finteza.

To enable event sending again, call the same method with the true value: