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Integrating with a RapidWeaver site

Finteza enables detailed statistics collection for websites created based on the RapidWeaver platform, including page views, unique and non-unique visitors, sessions and traffic quality.

  1. Open your site in the Finteza panel. Navigate to the Settings section and copy the JavaScript code.

Copy the Finteza code for your site

  1. Open the RapidWeaver app.
  2. Select "Code" from site settings section. Open the Head section and paste the Finteza code in it.

Paste the Finteza code in the Head section

  1. The next time you publish changes, the code will be added to all pages of your site and Finteza will start tracking visitor activity.
  2. Visit the "Analytics" section for more details concerning data analysis.

You are losing analytical data without Finteza

Unlike free analytical systems, Finteza registers 100% visitor data on your website.

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After that you simply need to log in and install the tracking code to your site. It is easy: