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What are your website's weak spots? Ask Lighthouse

Finteza features the new Lighthouse report. This is a tool for the website general audit. The report helps in making the site faster, in eliminating vulnerabilities and in bringing web pages in line with Google recommendations, thus eventually improving the ranking of your project in the search engine. You will be able to evaluate your web project in many different ways and get advice on how to fix identified issues.

What are your website's weak spots? Ask Lighthouse

Subscribe to Finteza Analytics — new Telegram channel about Internet analytics

We have launched Finteza Analytics channel in Telegram to talk about web analytics: increasing conversion; dirty traffic; website speed; e-Commerce optimization and much more.

Subscribe to Finteza Analytics — new Telegram channel about Internet analytics

New Finteza report for e-Commerce: Customer attraction and retention metrics

As promised, we continue the development of e-Commerce reports. The newly added section is called First-time Purchase. It shows how effectively you attract and retain customers.

New Finteza report for e-Commerce: Customer attraction and retention metrics

Finteza launches a Partnership Program

Finteza Analytics has launched a Partnership program, by joining which companies can start attracting new clients and generating additional profits from web analytics configuration services. 

Finteza launches a Partnership Program


Scammer traffic providers utilize bots to mislead website owners. Let's try to understand why this happens, why bots are dangerous for businesses and how to track them.


Finteza introduces e-Commerce

The new section helps the development of e-commerce companies by providing detailed analytics on their projects. Finteza allows keeping multiple aspects of the sales system under control — study the potential popularity of goods, define the actual sales volume, assess the unrealized profit and evaluate the customer loyalty.

Finteza introduces e-Commerce

Applying A/B tests in Finteza for testing marketing hypotheses

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of A/B tests in constant struggle to increase conversion rates, although it is quite easy to underestimate it. Let's consider our own case.

Applying A/B tests in Finteza for testing marketing hypotheses

Conversion funnels are now easier to use

Finteza now features the system of funnel directories, allowing users to find the right funnel in a much easier way.

Conversion funnels are now easier to use

Which country has the fastest websites — Finteza infographics

Finteza examined the waiting time of 850 million users who viewed a total of 12 billion pages in November 2019.

Which country has the fastest websites — Finteza infographics

Is your website fast enough?

You will be able to identify if any of your visitors from a certain part of the world have to wait ages for the website to load.

Is your website fast enough?

How to optimize adverts and maximize ROI (ROAS)

Ad traffic managers usually deal with dozens of advertising campaigns, while their primary purpose is to optimize adverts and maximize results.

How to optimize adverts and maximize ROI (ROAS)

Finteza hits 700 million unique visitors and 11 billion page views

These figures reflect unique users and page views, processed by the analytical service over the past month. Released less than a year ago, in last November, the system now analyzes large websites from various industries. Finteza has been initially designed to process high-load powerful projects:

Finteza hits 700 million unique visitors and 11 billion page views

Set any conversion goals in Finteza based on visited pages or events

We continue to develop the Finteza advertising and analytics system: new features enable the creation of conversion reports for any actions. The system collects relevant statistics based on user-selected conversion goals.

Set any conversion goals in Finteza based on visited pages or events

New Finteza advertising engine features ad blocker bypass, retargeting and limited campaigns for third-party advertisers

End-to-end analytics is only a small part of the tools available to the Finteza platform users. We constantly continue the development of the advertising engine for creating and managing banners inside the system.

New Finteza advertising engine features ad blocker bypass, retargeting and limited campaigns for third-party advertisers

Retargeting added to the Finteza advertising analytics platform

Advertising campaigns in Finteza now accommodate the retargeting option, which enables the display of optimized ads to the users who have previously visited the site and performed any kind of action. For example, they have viewed specific pages or they have already ordered products.

Retargeting added to the Finteza advertising analytics platform

Conversion funnels in Finteza: the must-have marketing tool

We have updated the conversion funnels in an effort to further enhance the ultimate marketing analysis tool. Find out which channels and sources generate the highest profit. Enjoy easy access to analytical data with auto funnels which do not require manual configuration.

Conversion funnels in Finteza: the must-have marketing tool

The free plugin for Finteza web analytics integration with Joomla websites

Three weeks after launching the expansion for Drupal, we have released the Joomla integration. The web analytics platform with realtime reports can now be downloaded from the websites of the three most popular CMS — WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

The free plugin for Finteza web analytics integration with Joomla websites

Entry and exit points: which are the last pages viewed by leaving visitors?

As part of the continued Finteza improvement, two new sections have been added in the Pages report. "Entries" show the main entry points which are the first pages seen by the site visitors. Each point provides detailed estimations, such as visits, sessions, bounce rates, page depth and average session duration in seconds:

Entry and exit points: which are the last pages viewed by leaving visitors?

Updated funnels in Finteza for increased efficiency in conversion analysis

One of the main new features is the availability of detailed metrics, which enable the evaluation of views, visits and triggered events at each funnel stage. Furthermore, created funnels can now be saved for additional analysis. There is no need to re-configure each step anew — simply navigate to "My funnels" and restore the entire client conversion process in just one click. The is a time-saving option for the daily analysis of advertising and marketing campaign efficiency.

Updated funnels in Finteza for increased efficiency in conversion analysis

New mobile banner format and updated preview window

The latest Finteza improvements concern operations with adaptive ads. Now the system allows the creation of mobile header banners which are high-CTR native advertisements. Such ads are located above the site template and do not hinder content browsing experience. The hight of header blocks is fixed, while the width is automatically adjusted to the device screen.

New mobile banner format and updated preview window


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