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Updated Retention report — segment your audience with superb precision

The current Finteza update will help those who need to target narrow audience segments, not just general user experience scenarios. The new Retention report functionality allows building fundamentally new hypotheses affecting the traffic and income of your projects. In addition, we took into account the feedback for the previous version and made the report interface and design more convenient and intuitive.

Updated Retention report — segment your audience with superb precision

Retention report: Can you retain customers?

Finteza analytical system now includes a new report — Retention. It helps to understand how good you are at retaining certain type of customers. The report shows how often a certain group of users repeat certain actions in a site or in an application. This information allows interacting with your audience more efficiently, as well as objectively evaluating the results of your marketing activities and changes in your site.

Retention report: Can you retain customers?

Finteza switches to consumption-based subscription

Starting from July 1, the price of Finteza will depend on how many resources a user consumes. Small companies will be able to use the analytical system for free, while the price for larger organizations will depend on the actual monthly unique visitors and banner impressions.

Finteza switches to consumption-based subscription

Use presets and generate reports in one click

We have a special update for those who want to optimize their web analytics, which makes the system reports even easier to use. If you regularly study similar data and analyze site performance from different angles, the latest Finteza update will assist you in streamlining and optimizing the relevant processes. In the latest version, you can create presets by saving reports with pre-configured filters. The presets can be easily applied, without the need to enable multiple filters.

Use presets and generate reports in one click

What are your website's weak spots? Ask Lighthouse

Finteza features the new Lighthouse report. This is a tool for the website general audit. The report helps in making the site faster, in eliminating vulnerabilities and in bringing web pages in line with Google recommendations, thus eventually improving the ranking of your project in the search engine. You will be able to evaluate your web project in many different ways and get advice on how to fix identified issues.

What are your website's weak spots? Ask Lighthouse

Finteza launches a Partnership Program

Finteza Analytics has launched a Partnership program, by joining which companies can start attracting new clients and generating additional profits from web analytics configuration services. 

Finteza launches a Partnership Program


Scammer traffic providers utilize bots to mislead website owners. Let's try to understand why this happens, why bots are dangerous for businesses and how to track them.


Finteza introduces e-Commerce

The new section helps the development of e-commerce companies by providing detailed analytics on their projects. Finteza allows keeping multiple aspects of the sales system under control — study the potential popularity of goods, define the actual sales volume, assess the unrealized profit and evaluate the customer loyalty.

Finteza introduces e-Commerce

Is your website fast enough?

You will be able to identify if any of your visitors from a certain part of the world have to wait ages for the website to load.

Is your website fast enough?

Retargeting added to the Finteza advertising analytics platform

Advertising campaigns in Finteza now accommodate the retargeting option, which enables the display of optimized ads to the users who have previously visited the site and performed any kind of action. For example, they have viewed specific pages or they have already ordered products.

Retargeting added to the Finteza advertising analytics platform

Conversion funnels in Finteza: the must-have marketing tool

We have updated the conversion funnels in an effort to further enhance the ultimate marketing analysis tool. Find out which channels and sources generate the highest profit. Enjoy easy access to analytical data with auto funnels which do not require manual configuration.

Conversion funnels in Finteza: the must-have marketing tool