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Finteza examined the waiting time of 850 million users who viewed a total of 12 billion pages in November 2019.

As it turns out, the median value of average loading distributions is 4.3 seconds on a regular PC or laptop and 5.5 seconds on mobile devices. The studies conducted by the largest global companies suggest that this is a quite considerable delay, which may affect the conversion rates.

For example, according to Akamai, 53% of mobile device users leave a website if it loads for more than three seconds (according to our estimates, the share of such websites is 91%). In another study, Akamai experts concluded that every second of delay reduces the conversion rates by 21.8% for computers and laptops, by 20.5% for mobile devices and by 17.8% for tablets.

Google researchers claim that the likelihood of a visitor leaving a website increases by 90% after 5 seconds of loading. After 6 seconds, it increases by 106%.

Conversely, according to Walmart retailer analysts, if a web page load speed decreases by one second, the conversion rate grows by 2%.

Other interesting research findings:

  • Websites are mostly slowed down by images, scripts and Ajax (this technology helps a website exchange data with a server in the background without updating)
  • The fastest websites are in Europe
  • The slowest websites are in Asia and Africa
  • Only 46% of global websites are loaded in six seconds (even the speed of five seconds may already be critical for a business) and only 9% of websites are loaded in less than three seconds

Finteza infographics

Good content and interesting offers are no more sufficient. Consumers visit dozens of websites, so you should make your offer with no delays. Time is not just money nowadays, but billions of dollars per second. Amazon estimates that it lost USD 1.6 billion over the year due to a page load slowdown of one second.

Finteza will help you determine how long your users have to wait for a website to load. It will be shown:

  • How long it takes for a user to access all web page features
  • What type of resources slow down a web page the most
  • How your website loads in different countries and on different devices

If an issue is detected, you can always fix it: remove heavy content, replace slow services or use a CDN. However, this requires reliable diagnostics and the utilization of real analytical data.

Try Finteza and find out your website loading speed — sign up and use the service free of charge for 30 days.

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