Analyze traffic sources in real time

Access data without sampling or extrapolation
Mark traffic using UTM parameters
Detect bot traffic in your site
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Which traffic sources can be monitored?

  • Context
  • SE traffic
  • E-mail
  • CPA
  • Banners
  • Referral links
  • Social media
  • Mass media
  • Re-targeting
Traffic is automatically broken down into categories, such as referral, search, social and advertising

Incoming traffic analysis is one of the most important functions of digital marketing. Use analytics to find profitable channels and eliminate inefficient ones, to compare advertising platforms and to optimize your marketing expenditure .

Finteza provides marketing specialists and analysts with an accurate incoming traffic breakdown, without data sampling and any extrapolation techniques.

Traffic is automatically split into categories, such as referral, search, social and advertising, while extra details on sources are also provided. Based on the comprehensive traffic source analysis, you can determine which sites are effective and which ones do not produce the desired conversion result.

The service supports UTM parameters, which if utilized, can help you generate a ROI of up to ten times higher from your advertising campaign. Add UTM to each advertising site and the system will collect performance data, such as page views, conversion rates, bot traffic and geographical distribution among 11 other reports.

In-depth traffic source statistics

Are you spending advertising budget on inefficient partner resources? Then your ultimate goal is to reduce costs while keeping the incoming requests and contacts. In just a few clicks, select the desired traffic source in Finteza, navigate to the "Conversions" section and view all user actions.

The detected bot traffic from this channel will be displayed in a diagram along with the frequency and the possible origin of such bots. Use UTM parameters for all traffic sources to receive real-time traffic quality data correlated to each channel.

Which page generates more requests? Compare channels and track events. Referrals from Facebook can be profitable, while the performance of visits from Google ads in the same page can generate losses or show reduced profitability.

Audit pages which have the highest conversion rates and direct users to efficient content

Audit popular pages with the highest conversion rates and direct users to an efficient content. This approach can increase the advertising budget efficiency by a factor of 5 to 10.

Use UTM parameters

UTM tags can be attached to the URLs of your banners displayed in a third-party resource. Based on UTM codes, the system separates natural visits from the tracked resource and the advertising traffic produced by a banner ad. Use UTM parameters to monitor the efficiency of advertising campaigns, sites, banners, text links and keywords.  

Also UTM tags provide a great way to control your affiliates. By creating unique UTM tags, you can separate an affiliate's traffic from the total number of your site visitors. Finteza will show exactly how many visitors, your affiliate or partner directs to your site by providing the key metrics for measuring their effectiveness.

The analytical system provides conversion details

Furthermore, the system complements quantitative measurements with details of such visits. With the one-click smart segmentation, you can separate the affiliate's traffic in all other system sections and study the related reports to identify which actions have been performed by these visitors in your site and to create the relevant conversion funnels. What's more important is that you can evaluate the efficiency of your marketing spending.

Track advertising effeciency using UTM tags

Finteza tracks parameters embedded in the link: campaign source (utm_source), traffic type (utm_medium), campaign name (utm_campaign), keywords (utm_term) and additional information (utm_content). Use UTM to monitor user activity in your resource.

Disable inefficient sites which do not produce the desired results and focus on profitable channels. Finteza provides marketers and analysts with the cutting-edge toolkit necessary to boost sales by analyzing advertising sources!

Analyze traffic sources

Find profitable traffic sources
Disable inefficient campaigns
Monitor traffic quality with the bot detector
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