Optimize website conversion rates in 1 day

Automatic event-based sales funnel
Complex funnels can be generated in 2 clicks
Accurate data without sampling or extrapolation
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Useful for

  • Marketers
  • Analysts
  • Marketing directors
  • Webmasters
  • Traffic managers
  • Arbitrage specialists

Where is your advertising budget misused?

The sales and conversion funnel is a professional tool, which can spot weak points in the sales system. At which point do visitors leave the site? In which block or page do potential customers decide to leave?

Build funnels across all pages, explore user behavior from different sources and find weak site zones. Create reports using 15 different criteria for the in-depth analysis of your target audience.

For example, in just a couple of clicks, you can build a funnel for Android users from France, who were attracted by an ad on Facebook.

Finteza finds weak points in the sales system

You can even track how many times users hover the mouse over the application form in your site header but do not click on the button. The related data will be represented in a clear digital form, which can serve as the basis for the creation of a conversion funnel.

What criteria can be implemented in a funnel?

What criteria can be implemented in a funnel?

Enable tracking of all actions performed by users before a purchasing and receiving a comprehensive sales funnel. For an efficient analysis, Finteza builds histograms to visualize tracked events. You can delete or create stages, as well as generate funnels automatically and save the data in the form of a report.

Funnel example

Do you want to optimize page and traffic conversions? The service can track conversions not only by channels, but also by separate ads and keywords.

For example, your traffic is coming from Facebook, YouTube and an affiliate network. You want to reduce costs while maintaining the number of requests. This problem can be solved in 3 steps:

  1. Mark traffic with UTM parameters
  2. Analyze conversion rates of each channel
  3. Disable inefficient ad units, campaigns and keywords

If there is not enough data for taking a decision, change the number of steps in the funnel. Finteza will compare values using 15 criteria, while it will also calculate conversion rates and provide hints for each stage. Any report can be opened in one click and thus you can compare conversion rates for different advertising sites, determine the page depth metrics and identify highly efficient zones.

Information can be downloaded from the system and presented to a partner or customer.

The service can track conversions not only by channels, but also by separate keywords

Event statistics are delivered in real time, so the funnel becomes available immediately after activating the code. Join now to improve conversion rates and to increase advertising ROI.

Increase your site conversion rates in 1 day using sales funnel analytics

Visualize any event in the sales funnel
Detailed conversion reports in 2 clicks
In-depth analytics without delays
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