MetaQuotes Ltd team comprises of high-quality developers and specialists from all over the world with a diverse professional background. The deep expertise and passion of our employees helps companies around the globe keep moving towards their business success. We are proud of creating cutting edge solutions by combining the best experience from different industries with our company's unique technologies.

Our major development is the Finteza system, a revolutionary service in the market of web analytics and online advertising. Advanced big data processing algorithms, multi-step traffic quality evaluation, ultimate visual reporting tools among other functions make this system stand out from the crowd of similar solutions existing in the market.

We constantly strive to improve the functionality of the Finteza service, for which we invite talented and passionate individuals from all over the world. If you are an experienced C++, Python or Javascript developer, and you want to join a committed group of professionals, send us your CV and grab the opportunity to leave a mark in the IT industry!

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