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Finteza retargeting allows the creation of ads on your own websites and in third-party resources, using the exact same interface, along with launching by events, browsers, geography, devices, and other criteria to maximize business growth. Launch a campaign by specifying marketing material and targeting settings in a couple of clicks to improve your CTR.


Are you ready to take active steps to increase conversion rates and amplify your company's growth? Finteza offers enhanced targeting features to help you configure and target marketing campaigns depending on your goals.

For example, in the coming month, you wish to encourage visitors from all over the world to download a new mobile application. Create a retargeting campaign and set start and end dates, devices, and geography, as well as all advertising zones on the mobile version of the site. The advertising engine will determine the language, show the desired banner and direct a user to Google Play or App Store, depending on the operating system to improve your targeting.

After the launch, you will receive detailed statistics on clicks, impressions, and conversions of activated banners to better track your campaign performance.

Finteza allows you to create ads on your own and third-party resources using the same interface, as well as launch them by events, browsers, geography, devices and other criteria


The basic set of parameters is only the tip of the iceberg. Insert the code in the website, mark all the events and display only ads that are relevant to your audience to enhance targeting and improve growth. Put the squeeze on visitors with an abandoned cart to get back to their purchases, and offer promotional products to users showing high bounce rates.

Ad retargeting helps you reach users who have previously visited your site and have taken an action. The ultimate goal of retargeting is to improve CTRs. Make personalized ads to increase your CTR, and campaign budget's ROI with faster growth and better targeting. For example, if a site visitor entered the Vehicles section, you can put the squeeze on them with car accessories banners. Segment your visitors by pages viewed, geography, goals, and depth of view, and launch the most accurate ad messages. Retargeting is an excellent strategy to raise CTRs, convert users and improve conversions. You can effectively scale your business growth using the Finteza retargeting option.

Show promotional products to regular customers, only to those who previously downloaded the application and subscribed to your newsletter. Finteza campaign targeting also allows the setting of various conversion goals and target users who have (or have not) performed the desired action. Hence, your campaign retargeting performance (including CTRs) improves leading to more conversions and revenue.

Advertising formats

Apart from being relevant, all ad campaign messages should also be displayed correctly in advertising zones regardless of devices, browsers, and screen resolutions for effective targeting and retargeting and higher CTRs and conversions.

Make the best use of your website retargeting by applying the entire arsenal of marketing materials. Finteza ad retargeting service supports teasers, banners, PopUnder, ClickUnder, pop-ups, text materials, sliders, and landing pages so that you are never short of your CTR and conversion goals.

Upload an image, create a caption, and the service will generate 8 desktop and 2 mobile banners

Choose from a wide variety of formats for desktop computers and mobile devices: multimedia HTML5 format, animated GIFs, a simple jpg image, or a text ad with a link. Use ready-made materials or create your own ones directly in your personal account. Upload an image, create a caption, and the service will generate 8 desktop and 2 mobile banners. The system will adapt them during the display, based on advertising zone size and device type for effective ad targeting and retargeting.

Create an account with Finteza and get ready to generate explosive growth of returns from marketing materials!

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