Advanced web analytics

Accurate data without sampling or extrapolation
Access real-time statistics
Identify 12 types of bad traffic
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Audiences and samples in one click

Finteza features full-cycle data management, which includes collection, processing and instant data mapping in the form of real-time reports and charts, to provide the most relevant information whenever you need it.

An analytical sample can be created in just one click. Analyze audience by 15 basic parameters, such as visit sources, events, UTM parameters, page addresses, countries and 10 more reports, which can be visualized as diagrams and funnels.  For example, you can view statistics related to all mobile users. Open the "devices" section and select the "mobile" device.

Finteza features full-cycle data management

Now, all sections of the filtered report provide specific information about mobile users, such as the spoken language, the utilized operating systems and the granted permissions.

Finteza can create complex multi-level samples

Furthermore, Finteza can create complex multi-level samples. The "Mobile" sample can be additionally filtered by any selected variable. For example, you may select utm_campaign=Google_Ads and the registration event. The system will display information about all mobile users, who visited via Google Ads campaign and clicked on the Registration button.

Do you want to further narrow down the audience to let's say, UK residents? Select a geographic filter and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising specifically for users from the UK. Do you want to expand the sample and add more countries? With a few more clicks you can generate the relevant efficiency report for multiple selected countries.

Traffic quality measurement

Unlike other analytics services, Finteza features the multi-stage audience quality evaluation tool.

Comprehensive botnet analysis and complex user behavior tracking, enable Finteza to detect 12 types of low-quality traffic from each channel.

The relevant data becomes instantly available, which means that you can monitor traffic quality from each advertising channel in real time. The system will immediately provide notifications of any suspicious action.

Quality traffic

Bot traffic diagrams help in revealing the beginning and ending of click fraud sessions. Partners and affiliates will no longer be able to cheat using confusing reports, since Finteza provides a transparent breakdown of your traffic breakdown.

The system can detect 12 types of low-quality traffic from each channel

All data presented in reports are interactive, allowing the selection of separate segments in just one click. When you select one group of users, values in all system sections are updated to show the group related metrics.

For example, click on "headless browsers" traffic type and open the "pages" section to view the pages visited by bots.

Wish to find out where the bot traffic actually started from? Select a traffic source or a UTM tag, navigate to the "Quality" section and the system will map the bit activity.

Do you want to detect fake conversions? Open the "Funnels" section to view the full path of the bot. The 15 report types enable in-depth audience analysis from different perspectives.

Reports can be saved and used in presentations. Measure the quality of traffic provided by partners, affiliates and web resources in real-time and save up to 82% of your advertising budget.

The system creates the bot traffic map

Receive detailed visitor analytics

Identify up to 12 types of bad traffic
No additional site load due to the distributed system architecture
Advanced audience data
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