New Finteza advertising engine features ad blocker bypass, retargeting and limited campaigns for third-party advertisers

Marketing Resources

End-to-end analytics is only a small part of the tools available to the Finteza platform users. We constantly continue the development of the advertising engine for creating and managing banners inside the system.

The latest innovation is the ability to launch limited campaigns. So far, it is possible to set limitations on the number of impressions only, while CPM can be set only in EUR. We are going to add limitations by other parameters in the future.

Finteza allows the launching of banners, teasers, sliders, landing pages and any other text along with graphic blocks. In conjunction with the analysis of users' real actions, this provides the broadest field of experimentation in an effort to increase website conversion.

The new advertising engine will surely be of special interest for web masters. This is a powerful and convenient tool for monetizing resources which place third-party advertisements. It allows for enhanced earnings in comparison to selling inventory via advertising network auctions:

  1. According to GlobalWebIndex, 47% of Internet users apply ad blockers. Our engine is able to avoid this issue, as all data between users and the service, is proxied via your own website. Therefore, the data cannot be blocked by browsers and their plugins. This means that your clients' banners will be displayed more frequently, thus gaining more clicks, while your profits as a publisher are increased.

  2. The system provides detailed statistics on campaigns and banners (impressions, clicks, CTR) online without delay. Among other factors, such online statistics may well replace the media kit for potential advertisers, as it provides reliable data in a clear and relevant manner.

    Statistics on all campaigns

    Detailed statistics are also provided for each advertising zone. You can view your inventory sales efficiency, along with how many ads are not sold and how much profit has been lost.

    Statistics on sold and unsold impressions

  3. Support for modern formats GIF, PNG, JPG and HTML5, as well as adaptive banners. If your website features a large amount of various rotating advertising blocks, this is an optimal solution for managing campaigns. Specify a text title, description, select Call to Action on the button and upload an image. You will receive 10 different banners in popular formats, including mobile ones.

    Adaptive banners

  4. Minimum delays in uploading banners increase their display probability and reduce losses in clicks. Our distributed system uses multiple servers deployed all over the world. From wherever visitors view your website, they can immediately see your advertiser's banner and are able to click on it. Remember when a visitor managed to scroll in a web page before a banner even had a chance to be uploaded? Such cases now belong to the past.

  5. Advanced options for configuring and targeting campaigns: browsers, devices, geography, display schedule by days of week and hours. 

    Advanced options for configuring and targeting campaigns

  6. Built-in retargeting. This feature may become an additional argument in favor of advertising on your website for an advertiser. Retargeting allows the creation of personalized ads which are more relevant to your audience. You can sort visitors by performed actions and present to them thoroughly targeted encouraging messages.

We supply the first 100,000 impressions for free. Each subsequent lot of 100,000 impressions is charged at USD 4 per month. Thus, 1,000,000 banner impressions will cost USD 40 per month. Due to the efficient bypassing of ad blockers, Finteza easily compensates for this cost by providing additional impressions and clicks. 

Log in to Finteza, set up your first campaign with banners to be displayed in the website zones you are interested in, and earn more by selling ads.

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