Finteza incorporates 2 tools: an analytical service and an advertising engine. The price for the analytical tool is related to the number of unique users, regardless of the viewed pages, performed actions and browsing session duration. 

For example, 100,000 people visited the site and viewed 500,000 pages last month. This month, you publish viral content: while the number of visitors has not changed, the number of viewed pages has increased to 800,000. Invoices for the two months will be equal, since the number of unique users has not changed.

The service provides a 1-month free trial period, followed by a minimum fee of 12.5 USD per 50,000 unique users. The advertising engine features a wide set of webmaster tools, while the price is only bound to the number of impressions. The first 100,000 impressions are free.

Website and application analytics
25 USD
 Per 100,000 unique users a month
30 day free trial
  • Built-in bot detector
  • Event-based sales funnels
  • 15 audience data reports
Save up to 82% on your advertising budget by determining inefficient channels. The relevant data is collected in real time and thus you will start receiving traffic analytics immediately after installing the code.
Multi-purpose advertising engine
Per 100,000 impressions a month
The first 100,000 impressions are free
  • Bypass ad blockers
  • Event-based re-targeting
  • Multichannel attribution
Bypass ad blockers using data proxy and increase banner display up to 50%. Sell advertising zones, create advertising networks and analyze growth points using comprehensive reports.

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