Proxying the script and tracking requests

Downloading tracking scripts from the domain name different from your website is considered a third-party download. Such requests are blocked on the user's side with the help of the AdBlock, AdGuard and similar extensions, as well as by built-in browser tools designed to combat user action tracking. Besides, all Apple devices limit placing third-party cookies causing distorted statistics on unique users.

To avoid these issues, it is recommended to proxy the Finteza script download via your websites in the following way:

Proxying requests

Here, the client (browser) receives the tracking code and cookies via your own website rather than directly from Finteza. In this case, blocking is avoided and you can always track user visits.

Proxying can be done using ready-made SDK. Simply install the necessary set on your web server and insert small changes to the tracking code.

Connecting and configuring Finteza SDK #

Finteza SDK sets for web servers are available in several versions:

Depending on the applied technology, connect the appropriate module to your project. The links on the detailed instructions on each of them are provided above.

Changes in the tracking code #

After inserting SDK and configuring proxying, make changes to Finteza JavaScript Client insertion code on all pages of your website, so that the tracking script is downloaded from your domain:


Replace the Finteza server host in {SCRIPT_URL} in the third string of the code with your website host + path proxying path you specified on the server side in Finteza SDK. For example:


You are all set. Now all requests between clients and Finteza will be proxied through your website and will not be blocked by browsers.