Installation and initialization

Finteza SDK operation requires Android 4.3 (API Level 18) or higher and library. The SDK can be installed using Gradle or manually by downloading the package at

Installation via Gradle #

To connect Finteza SDK, add the following dependency to the dependencies section of the build.gradle file of your project:

dependencies {
   //... other dependencies
    implementation 'net.metaquotes.finteza:finteza-sdk:+'

Add the following line to the repositories section:

repositories {

Manual installation #

Download the latest SDK version as a aar file and copy it to the libs directory of your project. Next, add the SDK aar file to the project as a library.

Add the following service to the project manifest:

<service android:name="net.metaquotes.FintezaService" />

Add permissions:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" />

Next, add the following dependency to the build.gradle file:

dependencies {
   //... other dependencies
    implementation ''

Initializing SDK in the application #

To initialize, call the Finteza.initialize method in the Application.onCreate or Activity.onCreate handler:

Finteza.initialize(getApplication(), "{WEBSITE_ID}""{WEBSITE_URL}""{PRODUCT}");

Set the website ID as {WEBSITE_ID}. It can be obtained in the website settings (ID field) of the Finteza panel. Next, set the parameters:






Website domain name, for example, "".



Product name to be used as a prefix for labeling events sent to Finteza by your application.


You may need it to separate events across different platforms in case you have apps for PC, iOS, Android, etc. For example, if you specify the "Android App" product and send "Registration" event, the final event name in Finteza will be "Android App Registration".


Set null to avoid using prefix.

Application launch events #

Add the following code to Activity.onCreate:


When activate is called at the first application start, SDK sends the "Install Finish" event to Finteza (if product prefix is specified, "{PRODUCT} Install Finish" is sent).

Also, when calling activate, a new working session starts and the "Session Start" event is registered (if the product prefix is set, then "{PRODUCT} Session Start").

If a user leaves the application, the current session ends. The next time the application is launched/activated, a new session begins.

Debugging messages #

To test SDK operation, you can enable the output of debugging information to the developer console, filtered by message type:

Events only


Full logging


Errors only


To disable debugging messages, call:



The following debugging message indicates an event sending error due to the absence of the activate method call:

[event] cannot send event 'Book Load': call the 'activate' method first