Integrating with a phpBB site

Finteza enables detailed statistics collection for websites created based on the phpBB platform, including page views, unique visitors, regions, sessions and traffic quality.

  1. Open your site in the Finteza panel. Navigate to the Settings section and copy the JavaScript code.

Copy the Finteza code for your site

  1. Download to your local computer the overall_footer.html template, which is used for the footer in all the pages of your phpBB powered site. Templates and JavaScript files for the specific style/template are located in the following folder:


  1. Open the overall_footer.html file, paste the Finteza code before </body></html> and save the changes.

Paste the Finteza code before the </body></html> tags

  1. Upload the updated overall_footer.html file back to the the site. Log in to the site, open the administrator panel and navigate to Customise -> Install styles. Find the updated template and click on the "Install Style" link to apply changes.

Find the updated template and click on the "Install Style" link to apply changes

  1. Finteza is now integrated with your site. The system will immediately begin recording your site visitor data and analyzing it. Visit the "Analytics" section for more details concerning data analysis.