Integrating with a Drupal site

Finteza enables detailed statistics collection for websites created in the Drupal platform, including page views, unique visitors, regions, sessions and traffic quality. If you have your own Drupal site, then the most efficient method is to download and install the free plugin for Drupal.

Download plugin

Plugin features:

  • Quick registration in Finteza
  • Counter code integration in all site pages
  • Tracking of Link clicks

Open the download page and choose an appropriate plugin for your Drupal version. Drupal 8.0 interfaces are shown in below screenshots. The plugin for the version 7.0 can be installed in a similar way.

Download Finteza plugin for your Drupal version

Download the Finteza plugin and install it to your website from the Extend section of the Drupal administrator panel.

Install the downloaded Finteza plugin using the Extend section

Navigate to Configuration and set up Finteza plugin parameters.

Find the Finteza plugin in Configuration and click to set up

Specify your website ID obtained from Finteza, select the necessary tracking options, save the changes and start receiving information concerning your website.

Specify plugin settings and save changes

Installing Finteza code manually

If you do not have your own site and are using hosting services with the Drupal platform, you can enable the Finteza analytics using the following step-by-step instructions.

  1. Open your site in the Finteza panel. Navigate to the Settings section and copy the JavaScript code.

Copy the Finteza code for your site

  1. Log in to your site created in Drupal.
  2. In the site control panel, find the Structure section and click on it.

Run the Structure command in the site control panel

  1. Then navigate to Block layout

Click on the Block layout section

  1. Select Custom block library and click "+Add custom block"

Click on Add custom block

  1. In the editor, open the desired module or site page, set the Full HTML mode and click the Source icon to edit the code.

Set the source code editing mode

  1. Paste the Finteza code and click Save to apply changes.

Paste the code and save the changes

  1. Repeat the procedure for all your site pages. The added code will enable the tracking of your site visitor activity via Finteza.
  2. Finteza is now integrated with your site. The system will immediately begin recording your site visitor data and analyzing it. Visit the "Analytics" section for more details concerning data analysis.