Integrating with a Wix site

Finteza enables detailed statistics collection for websites created in the Wix platform, including page views, unique and non-unique visitors, sessions, traffic quality and completed purchases.

  1. Open your site in the Finteza panel. Navigate to the Settings section and copy the JavaScript code.

Copy the Finteza code for your site

  1. Sign in using your Wix account.
  2. From your site control panel, navigate to Settings \ Tracking & Analytics and select adding of Custom code. Paste the Finteza code and select the following options:
  • Add code to all pages. Load code on each new page
  • Location in page: Head

Then click Apply.

navigate to Settings \ Tracking & Analytics

  1. The code will be added to all pages of your site and Finteza will start tracking visitor activity.
  2. Navigate back to Finteza panel and click "Get code for a new event" for your site. Specify the event name and copy the resulting code.

Get Finteza tracking code to register purchases

  1. Navigate back to the Wix site control panel and click New Tool \ Custom. Paste the Finteza code and select the following options:
  • Add code to the Thank You Page (purchase completion)
  • Place Code in: Body - start

Then click Apply.

Paste the event code from Finteza to track completed purchases

  1. This will enable the tracking of general site visitor statistics, as well as tracking of all completed purchasing events.
  2. Click Save and Finteza will start collecting the relevant statistics. Visit the "Analytics" section for more details concerning data analysis.