All requests to HTTP Report API should be performed according to the HTTPS (not HTTP) protocol using the GET method at

Request paths #

Apart from the common address, the {WEBSITE_ID} website ID and the {DATA_TYPE} requested data type are specified in the request path:{WEBSITE_ID}/{DATA_TYPE}

{WEBSITE_ID} can be obtained in the website settings (ID field) of the Finteza panel. The following values are used for {DATA_TYPE}:

If the developer key is not specified, Finteza does not accept requests.

Required request parameters #

All requests to HTTP Report API should have the following parameters:






List of metrics (comma-separated), for example, metrics=visits,events.



Data request initial date. Specified in seconds since 1970.01.01, for example, date_from=1549027860.



Data request end date. Specified in seconds since 1970.01.01, for example, date_from=1549027860.

Sample request featuring the required parameters:

Request authorization #

HTTP Report API is RESTful API. Finteza server does not store client connection status. This means a client should send authorization data each time the request is sent. The authorization data consists of the developer key {API_KEY} passed in the Authorization header:

curl --header "Authorization: Basic {API_KEY}",events&date_from=1549027860&date_to=1549632660

Use it each time you send data request.

Conditional parameters #

When requesting any type of data, you can specify additional conditions for their sorting and arrangement, for example, by device type, OS or language.






Array of conditions in the form ?where[key]=value, where the key is a name of the field sorting is to be based on. The following operators can be used for the condition value:

  • = (IS) – exact value match. For example, where[os]=windows means that only data on Windows OS users are to be returned.
  • * (LIKE) – inexact value match. For example, where[device]=*mobile means that only data on users whose device type contains "mobile" are to be returned.
  • ! (NOT) – value mismatch. For example, where[country]=*!ru means that only data for non-Russian users are to be returned.



List of fields for arranging data (comma-separated).

Sample data request combined with sorting:

GET https:///
 &where[os]=windows              // exact match
 &where[device]=*mobile          // somewhat similar
 &where[country]=!ru             // no match

You can additionally arrange incoming data by any field using the ?group parameter.

Responses to requests #

Responses with requested data are passed in JSON format (ContentType: application/json) using UTF-8 encoding.

The initial request parameters (dates, conditions and groupings) are additionally duplicated in the main data container apart from requested data:

    "data": {
        "date_from": 1549027860,
        "date_to": 1549632660,
        "where": {

Response code #

The following codes can be returned in response to a Finteza request:

Response code


200 OK

Request accepted and processed.

400 Bad Request

Request rejected, invalid parameters, error.

403 Forbidden

Request rejected, no access to data.

404 Not Found

Request rejected, unknown URL request.