Apply to join the Partnership Program

To get listed on the Partners page and to start attracting clients, please specify your contact details and complete a quick test.

The test consists of 7 blocks 9-10 questions each.

Answer 90% of questions in each block correctly, and you will be added to the list of integrators. You can skip blocks which are not interesting to you. It means that you can study one specific block and skip all others.

Which languages do you speak?

Frequently asked questions

What will happen after I pass the test?

We will add information about you to the Partners page, including your contact details.

How long does testing take?

Testing time is not limited.

Where can I study information about Finteza?

We recommend reading the Finteza blog, which features complete information regarding the service advantages, important updates and instructions.

Can I repeat a test attempt?


Can I pass a test in one section only, instead of passing the whole test?

Yes, you can. You can select one of the seven blocks and provide related services reflected in this block.

For example, if you have passed the e-Commerce section test and have skipped all others, the system will only show you in the list of "e-Commerce" integrators.

How many correct answers do I have to give in order to pass the test?

You must answer correctly 90% of questions within one block. Otherwise, the test will be considered failed.

You are losing analytical data without Finteza

Unlike free analytical systems, Finteza registers 100% visitor data on your website.

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