Finteza switches to consumption-based subscription

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Starting from July 1, the price of Finteza will depend on how many resources a user consumes. Small companies will be able to use the analytical system for free, while the price for larger organizations will depend on the actual monthly unique visitors and banner impressions.

A unique visitor is a user of your website or application who has viewed at least one page or performed any action (Event) registered by Finteza. User's parameters (IP address, browser, etc.) should be unique - if a certain combination of parameters has already been encountered in the reporting month, the user is not included in the statistics. However, if a user visits your website first via a laptop and then via a phone, the system considers that these are two different (unique) users. A banner impression is counted if it has been loaded on the page the user is viewing. In this case, uniqueness does not matter since a person can see the same banner several times.

Starting from June 1, the price of Finteza will depend on how many resources a user consumes

Billing is enabled if all company trackers exceed the total of 100,000 unique visitors within a month. In this case, the analytical system will cost EUR 10 per 100,000 unique visitors (EUR 0.0001 per each unique visitor). The billing of the advertising engine is arranged the same way: if your resources get more than 100,000 banner impressions in total, the use of the engine will cost EUR 4 per 100,000 impressions (EUR 0.00004 per each impression).

If the parameters of your projects are lower, Finteza will remain free for you.

How it works:

  Parameters of all projects in Finteza per month
Subscription fee
Analytical system
Less than 100,000 unique users
  More than 100,000 unique users
EUR 10 per 100,000 unique users
Advertising engine
Less than 100,000 banner impressions
  More than 100,000 banner impressions EUR 4 per 100,000 impressions

Suppose that 510,000 users visited your websites or applications equipped with Finteza trackers within a month and various banners were shown to them 1,340,000 times. Let's calculate the subscription cost.

  Monthly parameters
Subscription fee, EUR
Analytical system 510,000 unique visitors
51 (= 510,000 x 0.0001)
Advertising engine 1,340,000 banner impressions
53.6 (= 1,340,000 x 0.00004)
Total   104.6

Finteza objectives:

  • Study the audience and understand where visitors come from, what actions they take and which pages they leave from
  • Analyze traffic: how many bots, spammers and hackers your resources have
  • Calculate the loading speed and detect elements that hinder user actions
  • Build a conversion funnel and identify stages you lose money at
  • Test different page options and compare conversions
  • Analyze the performance of your online store: from sales volumes and potential popularity of goods to customer loyalty and lost profits
  • Show ads on your website even to users with an ad blocker
  • Set up retargeting and increase your sales

Use advanced Finteza analytics to find out what is happening on your website or in your application.

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