Is your advertising budget stolen by bots?

Whenever you purchase traffic, pay for banner displays or partner with an affiliate network, be aware of Ad Fraud. Advertising scams cost the industry 7.2 billion dollars in 2016. Imagine that you run an ad and register on-site conversions, but nothing is sold. Use Finteza to track the traffic quality for separate sources, websites and keywords.

Perpetrators often use click fraud malware to steal your budget and to increase fraudulent conversions. Even if such visits involve targeted actions, they may not always be caused by real users. Bot traffic can originate from affiliate networks, competitors or third-party site web-masters.

The traffic quality report can be used as a filter, similar to other data available in the system

The share of fake traffic may reach up to 90% in highly competitive niche areas. On top of misusing the advertising budget, ROI is also reduced. The only solution for advertisers is to track incoming visitors.

Finteza bot detector analyzes the incoming traffic and divides it into 4 color groups:

  1. Green shows the absolute pure traffic, which includes only live users.
  2. Yellow reflects suspicious traffic, such as visits via proxy servers, VPN and Tor Browser, among others.
  3. Red color shows the most dangerous traffic type. This includes visits from spam and hacking IP addresses, as well as attempts to falsify request parameters and cookies.
  4. Gray color is used for service traffic generated by social networks, instant messengers and search engine bots.

The analyzer collects statistics and measures traffic quality

The analyzer collects statistics and measures traffic quality: the less detected bots, the higher is the final estimate. If the traffic quality is less than 95-100 points, it is recommended that you review advertising strategies or change traffic providers.

How is traffic quality evaluated?

The system uses a multi-level verification function which checks visit parameters. Firstly the user's IP address is analyzed. The system checks whether the address has been involved in hacker attacks by examining available provider and hosting blacklists.

The bot tracker analyzes many databases to detect addresses which have been involved in brute force attacks in websites, applications or SSH servers.

After the first stage, a visitor can be referred to VPN, proxy or TOR and thus it can be marked as "Suspicious". Then the system determines whether the visit belongs to bots from search engines, social media or instant messengers.

The appropriate traffic is given the "Service" status and is displayed in gray in the dashboard.

The analyzer collects statistics and measures traffic quality

In addition, the system analyzes the visitor's technical parameters and on-page behavior. Using a special algorithm, the tracker builds hundreds of behavioral patterns based on user data, such as: scrolling speed, cursor movement, data request rate and intervals between clicks, among others.

How does it work? A bot can instantly scroll the page to the application form, wait a few minutes, fill in the form and leave the page. Such behavior may correspond to a live visitor, but Finteza will determine the bot component. Firstly, the system will check the technical parameters: IP, cookies, signatures, etc. Then it will analyze the mouse movement during scrolling, intervals between clicks and keystroke dynamics when filling out the form.

The algorithm will instantly process the relevant data and will determine the bot visit, identifying: abnormal screen dimensions and mouse movement, too fast page scrolling, typing without delays and IP marked as a spam address.

This is a real example of fake conversions, which the system identified in one of our sites. After disabling the relevant source, we have saved 82% on the marketing budget without losing real leads.

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