How to configure website analytics in Finteza?

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14 November 2018

The Finteza system has important advantages over popular analytical service, such as:

  1. Absence of data sampling
  2. No delays in data delivery
  3. Automated traffic quality measurement
  4. Automatically collected on-site and platform user analytics

How to configure website analytics in Finteza?

How to register a website in the system?

You can configure monitoring for your company's additional sites and pages:

  1. Log in to Finteza

  2. Create a new website in the system

    Open the Websites menu and click "new website"

    How to register website in Finteza and set up analytics for it

  3. Create a website file

    Fill in all the form fields to add a site to the system

    Fill in the form fields. Please show extra care in the last field: here you can specify a coma separated list of your White Labels for which matching with the website visitors is required. Alternatively, you may leave this field blank. Click "Save and get tracking code" after filling in the form.

  4. Insert the code to your site

    Insert the generated HTML code to your site's <head> tags. We recommend adding the code to the entire website rather than in separate pages to ensure complete collection of all statistical data.

    For example, you may lose information on users, who visit the analyzed section but navigate to a page which does not contain the code. Other users may perform an action without visiting pages having the code embedded. In this case, the system will not be able to compile a proper sequence of user actions.

Copy and paste the HTML code into your site's head tags

Make sure to select the HTML option for your site. The Facebook IA option will be explained in the next article.

That is all you need to do to configure your site in the system. Finteza will start providing full-featured statistics within a few minutes after you configure the website section. The page views count will start growing, in addition to unique users and event metrics. Enjoy Finteza's ultimate analytical features and optimize your marketing activities.

Log in to Finteza to set up website analytics and receive real-time in-flight reports.