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Automated traffic quality evaluation

Your site visitors are grouped by quality, from real users to bots. Are you certain that all your visitors are real physical persons to whom you can promote or sell the desired services?

Classification is simple:

  • Green represents pure traffic, which includes real users
  • Yellow reflects suspicious traffic
  • Red indicates unwanted traffic

Use the report to evaluate purchased traffic. Find out which partners drive target users and which sources generate useless traffic and noise. Do not spend your budget on inefficient channels.

Conversion funnels

Break down user statistics into action chains and evaluate the true efficiency of various sales channels. Use conversion funnels to detect conversion loss points, to optimize your site and to boost profits.

Access in-depth analytics featuring the following details:

  • Traffic source: channels, referrers and UTM-based traffic
  • Traffic quality
  • Technical parameters: devices, permissions, operating systems and user agents
  • Countries and languages
  • Companies

Separate the channels generating conversions from the inefficient ones.

Traffic sources

In addition to traditional direct, referral, search and social traffic types, we have implemented traffic grouping by UTM. Evaluate Facebook in terms of traffic attraction efficiency and accurately determine commercial referrals resulting from the individual advertisements posted therein.

Such detailed traffic analysis can be provided for any resource. Do you want to measure conversion of adverts in Google Ads? Separate reports are provided for generalized referral statistics and organic search traffic.


Do potential customers visit your site? What are they interested in? Is it a good time to make a special offer and convert them to real clients? With Finteza, you will gain insights on who is just browsing your site and who is ready to complete a deal.

This report is especially vital for B2B companies: every client is very valuable and requires an individual approach.

User database

All user actions are logged and presented in comprehensive reports. Analyze your site user behavior:

  • Page view histories
  • Actions performed in the site
  • Ad banner views and interactions
  • User devices, OS and browsers
  • IP addresses and other details

These details can be utilized for the creation of automated funnels and for the development of user engagement policies.

Other reports

Access traditional basic metrics and reports to analyze the following:

  • Devices and platforms
  • Geographical
  • Entry-exit pages
  • User events
  • Conversions

Additional benefits

Sophisticated user interface Our UX specialists ensure the efficiency of every element for the best user experience.

Intuitive filtration system Each report element can be clicked and used as a data filter.

Data export Do you want to conduct further analysis in third-party systems? Use advanced exporting facilities.

We do not slow down your site The geographically distributed network of servers ensures the fastest possible request processing.

Real-time mode Your site metrics appear in the system and become available to you instantaneously.

No data sampling We provide only actual statistics, while data sampling and extrapolation are completely eliminated.

How to launch Finteza in your site

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  • Register your site
  • Add a tracking code to your site
  • Analyze statistics in the system

Finteza will start collecting the relevant data in real time.
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