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Finteza is a SaaS service for managing ads and analyzing audience

Finteza is a SaaS service for managing ads and analyzing site audience. With Finteza, you can monetize your website traffic and effectively advertise your goods and services on the web.

Do you want to extract the maximum benefit from your site? Connect your website to Finteza! We will display banner ads on your web resource, while you will get paid for each click on the banners. Banner click tracking statistics are transparent, and profits can be withdrawn at any time in any convenient way.

Do you want to attract new customers? Inform potential clients about your offers through an advertising campaign with Finteza! Use all the possibilities provided by the service: define your audience, target only real potential customers and create an advertising message in your favorite format.

Finteza also provides convenient tools for the effective management of your website audience. Add the system code to your website and receive detailed visitor analytics in real time, based on which you will be able to optimize your advertising campaigns.

Whatever your goals are, Finteza will help you earn more than you do now. You no longer need to search for services and compare them. Finteza has everything you need!

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Use Finteza to boost your sales

Attract new customers and create an audience of brand-loyal buyers using Finteza. The service works with popular online resources with a total attendance of several million users per month, and this audience keeps expanding. Flexible targeting settings allow you to select potential clients to whom your offer will be interesting!

Find your target audience and boost sales with Finteza!

Access to a huge
potential audience
You can choose resources related to various subjects, with a total attendance of several million visitors per month
Flexible targeting
Choose only the target audience that suits your specific demographic, behavioral or other criteria
The wide choice of
advertising formats
Your advertisement will definitely be noticed. Choose appropriate formats of advertising modules for desktop and mobile devices
Quick start
You can create and launch an advertising campaign in just a few clicks
Relevant traffic
Finteza ad campaigns are protected from click fraud, so that you only receive real customers
Online statistics
Detailed reports and analysis of your ad click efficiency in real time
Display ads on your website and generate revenue

Become our partner: register your site in the Finteza network! You will get paid each time a visitor clicks on ads shown on your site.

Many companies from various industries promote their goods and services with Finteza. No matter what your site is about, there are companies willing to advertise on it.

Monetize traffic with Finteza to raise the profitability of your resource to a new level.

Optimal cost-per-click
Advertisers place ads on your site at the price that you request
Online Statistics
Detailed reports on advertising campaigns and your earnings
Support for popular payment systems
You can withdraw your earnings at any time using your preferred method
A wide range of advertising formats
A vast variety of effective ad formats for desktop and mobile devices will perfectly fit into your website design
Ads are managed straight in the Finteza system, so no third party can access the administration panel of your site
Your potential advertisers are already here
A large number of advertisers from various industries will provide the occupancy of your advertising space
Effectively manage ads on your website

Install the service engine and manage clients' ads or your own advertising on your website. With this engine, you can easily create, optimize and analyze advertising campaigns of any complexity. Advanced "big data" processing algorithms enable precise audiences targeting and provide a high conversion rate of your advertising.

Extract the maximum value from your advertising space!

Easy Implementation
Insert a few lines into your site code, and Finteza is ready for use
Centralized management of advertising campaigns of any complexity
High advertising effectiveness
Precise targeting of your ads
A wide range of advertising formats
Choose or create an ad format that will perfectly fit into your website design
Universal engine
Finteza allows you to manage banner ads, landing pages, sliders and information blocks
Online Statistics
Detailed reports and analysis of the efficiency of your ad campaigns in real time