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Advanced analytics

No longer satisfied with basic metrics? Access more than standard reports. A specialized solution for those who want to increase sales and/or to reduce costs.

Traffic evaluation

A bot detector can recognize bad traffic, as well as determine its type and source. Identify scammers, spammers and hackers in your project.


Automated funnels by pages, events and sources. The ultimate functionality for marketing specialists.

Audience analysis

Company, operator, IP, geographical location and devices. Get to know your users without violating privacy.

Page analytics

Compare performance of various pages, optimize conversion rates and analyze traffic.

Sources advanced-analytics.svg

Automatic real-time conversion calculation for all sources.

Built-in advertising engine

Selling advertising in your site? Finteza will assist you in all stages. Sell ad spaces, accept payments, manage banner rotation and analyze reports in one platform.

Instead of media kits, provide advertisers with access to advert zone statistics.

Manage advertising banners, landing pages, native adverts as well as graphical and text blocks within a single interface.


Traffic quality

One of the most remarkable features implemented in Finteza is the multi-step traffic quality measurement.

Advanced botnet analysis, complex user behavior analysis, accurate tracking technology and unique accounting algorithms enable Finteza to detect low-quality traffic.

The system can report who visits your site, whether your traffic source is efficient and how conversion can be optimized. With these details in hand, you can save up to 82% on advertising budgets.


Sales funnels

Create detailed funnels for any desired segment, such as pages, sources, UTM tags, keywords or even separate ad banners. This is a must-have functionality for marketers and analysts.

Multi-level conversion funnels enable behavioral analysis of individuals at all stages of the sales process, from the first visit to the targeted action. This is the most efficient way to find out why you might be losing users and inefficiently utilizing your advertising budget.

Do you use marketing reports? For your convenience, the service visualizes data in the form of a funnel, which can be generated in one click. You can download all data and present it to your director or customer.

Audience analysis

The system provides a generalized pen portrait of your audience without violating privacy. Finteza breaks down conversion data based on user device type and model, provider, IP, browser, geographical location and language.

Audience samples can be used as filters, which can be combined. With the advanced filtering functionality, you can easily create multi-level reports.


Page analytics


Not all pages in your site are efficient: some assist in earning money, others don't.

Finteza analyzes each page, creates a funnel of page events and calculates the conversion rate. From the performance visualization, you can view traffic losses, bounce rates and session duration, as well as combine relevant data for a comprehensive analysis.



Do you want to optimize conversion and/or increase ROI? Is it hard to check your affiliates' performance?

Finteza can provide detailed in-depth analytics for all traffic attraction channels. For example, you can compare statistics on Google Ads, Facebook and affiliates in terms of conversion rates and disable inefficient sources. Thus you can save up to 82% on your advertising budget.

Ann Smarty, Brand and Community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas

Finteza simply has no alternatives. It does a great job solving so many marketing problems — from easy conversion monitoring to independent monetization.

Whether you are building a digital publication or an ecommerce business, Finteza allows you to set up a well-informed conversion optimization strategy. With Finteza you can build and analyze conversion funnels, apply A/B testing and even set up re-targeting campaigns — all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

Shane Barker, Digital Strategist, Brand & Influencer Consultant

I love Finteza for one main reason: It places the quality of your site traffic before quantity. They don’t do data sampling, so the results are very accurate. And there’s so much more to it — I can identify bot traffic, bypass ad blockers, and customize conversion funnels.

Rich functionality, great software!

Lilach Bullock, Digital & Tech Influencer

Anyone who knows me knows that analytics are incredibly important to me. I genuinely believe that without in-depth analytics, you're just shooting in the dark. And Finteza is one of the best I've tried; this super powerful tool tells me everything I need to know about my traffic and most importantly, it shows me how I can maximize the value of my traffic.

If you're looking for an analytics tool that's actionable, then definitely check out Finteza.

"Finteza is a traffic quality tool that tells you the exact percentage of high-quality and inferior-quality traffic coming from different channels to your site. Plus, it’s a tool that is truly on the side of advertising buyers."

"It saves you time to monitor bounce rates, time on page, your top-performing web pages and traffic from specific sources. The tool analyzes and systematizes a lot of data related to all user actions on your site, such as devices and software used, visits, conversions, viewed pages, social and demographic data, etc."

"The tool automatically creates a funnel for everyone who converts on your site, giving you a full view of your target customer's journey to conversions. From the specific campaigns that drive them into your site to all the conversions they made afterward, it's all laid out."

"Finteza is an advanced comprehensive analytics tool that tracks and analyzes traffic, funnels, conversions, landing pages, and advertising campaigns. Importantly, it allows you to see promptly if your advertising expenditure is being put to good use."

How to increase advertising returns by 5.8 times? We optimize our advertising efforts using Finteza, which measures traffic source efficiency and conversion rates at all stages. After the first advert launch, we revised conversion rates for each channel and stopped inefficient campaigns, which enabled us to save 82% of the budget.

Do you want to improve your advertising budget returns by a factor of 5.8?

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