Finteza hits 700 million unique visitors and 11 billion page views


These figures reflect unique users and page views, processed by the analytical service over the past month. Released less than a year ago, in last November, the system now analyzes large websites from various industries. Finteza has been initially designed to process high-load powerful projects:

Finteza hits 700 million unique visitors and 11 billion page views

Mr. Sergey Sadovnikov, Head of Finteza Development, explains: "Before the system launch, one of our largest customers ranked among TOP 50 by Similarweb, suggested that we should have a soft start. Having extensive experience in working with other analytical services, they feared that our system could also fail. However, our service is tailored to handle huge loads. When we added this large resource, the total cluster CPU load did not exceed 2%."

Now the company specifically targets large customers and offers favorable conditions alongside unique functions. From a technical point of view, Finteza can analyze huge traffic volumes without slowing down website operation. Currently the service analyzes traffic on more than 800 different sites. Furthermore, the system functionality is continuously expanding.

"We started developing Finteza 3 years ago," Mr. Sergey Sadovnikov further explains. "The essential, high-performance server part is ready now, which enables us to eliminate potential performance problems. The geographically distributed cluster includes six zones: Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Russia and the USA. Moreover, this capacity can be quickly increased should greater performance be needed. Now we are focused on expanding the system functionality and on entering related markets. Our near future plans concern the introduction of detailed analytics for mobile applications, traffic attribution options, and the creation of an advertising network."

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