Entry and exit points: which are the last pages viewed by leaving visitors?

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15 بهمن 1397

As part of the continued Finteza improvement, two new sections have been added in the Pages report. "Entries" show the main entry points which are the first pages seen by the site visitors. Each point provides detailed estimations, such as visits, sessions, bounce rates, page depth and average session duration in seconds:

"Entries" enables the analysis of first pages seen by the users

The "Exits" section shows where the sessions have been completed. In addition to pages, you can analyze which external links are clicked by leaving users:

The External Links tab features external links published in your site, which users click to leave

How to use the reports? The new metrics will help you in detecting the pages, for which visitors lose interest, and optimize your links or content accordingly. You can also track the actions of leads who visit your landing page: simply click the appropriate URL in the "Entries" section to filter the report data and analyze the behavior of this specific audience in terms of performed events, conversions and exit pages.

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