The free plugin for integrating Finteza web analytics with Drupal websites

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10 بهمن 1397

After releasing the plugin for WordPress websites, we have developed the integration of Finteza with Drupal. This particular platform is one of the three most popular CMS. Next up is the Joomla plugin which we will be adding in less than a month.

The free plugin for integrating Finteza web analytics with Drupal websites

Upon installation, the webmaster receives detailed website statistics: page views, unique visitors, geolocation and sessions. Furthermore, the plugin allows evaluation of the incoming traffic quality, as well as detection of suspicious visits and abnormal bursts of activity. The program provides a complete toolkit for analytics, tracking of visitors' behavior, creating sales funnels and optimizing conversion.

The Finteza Analytics module for Drupal websites

Unlike competing solutions, the service features no delays and no sampling. Finteza delivers versatile user statistics in real time which are analyzed from multiple perspectives.

Do you have a website on Drupal and wish to get detailed analytics for free?

  1. Download the plugin from the Modules showcase on the Drupal website.
  2. Install the downloaded module in the control panel of your Drupal website.
  3. Go to the Finteza Analytics module settings from the system configuration.

    Finteza Analytics module settings

  4. Register an account in Finteza. Save the generated website ID.
  5. Now, Finteza receives the entire analytics for your website.

Install the plugin, sign up for Finteza and receive realtime statistics on your Drupal-powered website:

Increase your website revenue using:

Sign up to now and get a 30-day free access.

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