Finteza launches a Partnership Program

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septembre 24, 2020

Finteza Analytics has launched a Partnership program, by joining which companies can start attracting new clients and generating additional profits from web analytics configuration services. 

The Finteza Partnership program delivers knowledge and skills, with which you can enhance your offering — start providing analytical system installation and customization services. Learning the system specifics is quick and easy, as Finteza provides a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. The Partnership program is designed for anyone, from freelance SEO specialists, to web development or advertising agencies. All the necessary reference information is available here

Study the system features, send a partnership request and test your skills.

The test consists of seven blocks each having 9-10 questions. Time is not limited. Testing is considered successful if you correctly answer 90% of questions in at least one block. 

Information about successful applicants is featured in the Partners page, along with their contact details. Get listed in our website and start attracting paying customers. 

The Partner will be responsible for installing the system codes in the client's websites and for marking the events to be tracked. The correctness of the system operation can be checked via the Finteza panel and the results can be instantly shown to the customer. Finteza does not interfere with partners' pricing policies and thus companies can set flexible prices depending on project complexity level.

Sooner or later, any business which is primarily interested in profits rather than clicks or impressions, switches to paid analytics. Pure visitor statistics do not provide sufficient basis for sales growth. It is essential to understand which items users buy, where they come from, as well as when and why they perform specific actions. This data is available in Finteza, which features all the necessary tools, including Bot Detector, page speed metrics, sales funnels and eCommerce reports. This analytical system assists in boosting website profits and in increasing the advertising budget ROI. These are essential goals for every business.

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